Sunday, November 15, 2009

Petroglyph Nat’l Monument & Rainbows, Nov 13-14, 2009

On Friday, the 13th, we left Grants, NM and drove 70 miles to the east side of Albuquerque.  Then headed off the visit Petroglyphs National Monument.

009 After a quick stop at the Visitor Center to get my National Park Passport cancellation stamp we were off for adventure.  It was trying to decide whether to rain or not, as we left the VC we were treated to this rainbow.

011 There are three sections or canyons of the park that are accessible for visitors.  With time not on our side, we only made it to two canyons.  The rain gods did decide to give us a break.










053 Some areas were just covered with the rock art.

046 We left the last canyon just as the sun was setting.

Saturday morning when we left Albuquerque, it was cold and the wind was blowing.  Burrrr.  We were heading south  to Tularosa, about 200 miles where it is forecast to be much nicer.

The Enchanted Trails RV Park in Albuquerque had this old timer Hudson and tear drop type vintage RV.  See the back of our coach and car in the background.


Here is an test…can you see me, my camera, Bob’s head, rain drops, and a rainbow in the photo.  I took this shot while driving to capture the rainbow behind us.



As we traveled south, the rain stopped, the sun came out.  This is some fall color in southern New Mexico.

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