Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Onion Creek and Fisher Towers – Nov 4, 2009

Our day started out with a packed lunch and a leisure drive on Rt 128 along the Colorado River from Moab. We also thought we would do a 3 mile hike at Fisher Towers. We had found this hike in the “Hiking the Southwest’s Geology-Four Corners Region by Hopkins”. First we thought we had turned at the correct road, but come to find out it was not the road to Fisher Towers, it was to Onion Creek. This dirt road crossed a creek over 25 times, but by crossing #10 we figured out we were on the wrong road , turned around and headed back.

012 Actually Fisher Towers Road was just down the main road (Rt 128) perhaps another 2 miles, it was also dirt but did lead to the parking area that the book described.

017 We had lunch and went to the pit toilet (I know TMI) but want to show you a photo I took.


Not much chance of them running out of TP, wonder how often they have to replenish the supply? 10 rolls and room for at least 2 more.

Needless to say our hike was a little difficult, scrambling over boulders, over slickrock, and even down a ladder. This area is also famous for climbers and there were some on one of the spires climbing to the very top.

051 There is a climber on the very top of the spire on the right hand side (this spire is called Ancient Art). See in the photo below. We sure enjoyed watching them.

050 One spot on the trail had a ladder to help you up and down, notice the handhold just above my head.



Doesn’t this look like a chicken sitting on a nest to you? We thought so. It is amazing what hiking does to your brain.

That is Bob walking on the trail just up from the ladder. I wasn’t sure I was going to continue on the trail, but did go on for another 15 minutes.



Here is another climber making it to the top.

He or she has to be so excited, heck I was excited for them.

Our day of hiking in the Fisher Towers area is done.


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