Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Nov 26, 2009

thankful We wish everyone, especially our family and friends,  a Peaceful Thankful Thanksgiving!

Check out this link to find out more than you ever needed to know about why Thanksgiving is now the last Thursday of November.

When Bob saw on a NM map that we were only about 60 miles from Smokey the Bear’s grave in Capitan NM…guess where he wanted to go?

578  Inside the Visitor Center they have all sorts of Smokey memorabilia, then just follow the trail and you come to this spot.  Here is where he rests. RIP Smokey


In the spring of 1950 a  little bear cub was caught in the Capitan Gap fire and was found by a local rancher up a tree with no mama and some burns on his paws.   To read the full story, check out this link.  Did you know the Smokey the Bear fire prevention campaign was before they found  little Smokey?  See how small he was.

579 Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires!

583 Now in honor of today, here is Smokey in the 1966 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  (I am watching the parade right now)

585 You know we love our Peanut Time, so when we found this bag at a grocery in Capitan, we knew it was meant for us.  Since we will be meeting our friends, John and Judy next Tuesday, do you think we have enough peanuts for Happy Hour(s)?

593 May you have a blessed day!!

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John and Judy said...

I think that bag of peanuts is going to require more beer!! We'll stock up!!

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