Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hole n the Rock & Canyonlands, Nov 5-8, 2009








Our ordered step motor arrived as we expected and was installed without much difficulty.  That is me, helping Bob hold a wrench so he could tighten the bolt.  The best part was that Bob thought he had not installed it correctly, but when I closed the door, it worked perfectly, yea!!!

On  Friday the 6th we headed off south of Moab to Hole n” the Rock, Newspaper Rock and Canyonlands, Needles Unit.

024 Hole n” the Rock was very touristy, but we had a fun time walking around and looking at all the displays.


Here is Bob with a big longhorn bull created out of all sorts metal parts. 




Below Bob is posing next to a Phillips 66 fuel pump.  Notice he is holding our GPS, by doing this, and me taking a photo, it records a visit to a waymarking.com post.  We will just post this photo at the website to prove we were there.



Found this sign on a bench.  You don’t want to mess up that much…to get this message!




Our next stop was Newspaper Rock.  (Rt 211)  WOW what a neat petroglyph site.

289 Just too many to really see an individual one.

110 We continued west on Rt 211 and ended up at Canyonlands, Needles Unit.   Ended up taking three hikes and saw a cowboy camp under a large rock overhang and more petroglyphs in an area that had a spring.

320 321 330

This trail  to Cave Spring had a ladder to climb up, I used to not like them, but they are getting easier for me. 

But I still don’t like high steep places.

Here is Bob heading out to a place I decided I would not go and it wasn’t easy for him to get there either.

097 100 A beautiful sunset in Canyonlands.  Or maybe a reverse sunset, the sun was shining on the mesa as it was setting.


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