Monday, March 16, 2009

Travel day to Apache Junction, March 16, 2009

IMG_8186Well, guess who drove from Gila Bend to Apache Junction?    Bob did, he has recovered from his vertigo!  We think it was a virus.  He has been taking some cold medicine  (Neo Citran) we purchased last year in Europe and it seems to be doing the trick.

We only had to drive 120 miles today and we had driven it before so we knew the way,  our GPS kept trying to take us another way, but we won, we went our way!!

IMG_8184This morning in Gila Bend we purchased diesel for the coach, finally diesel is cheaper than gas! 



This is the first time since we have been on the road in three years that we have seen this sign on a fuel pump.  We always go inside to leave our credit card so it won’t shut off after the $75.00 limit,  we thought this sign was very considerate.  This was on the pump at Holt’s Shell and RV park (Passport America-2 nights $21.00), this is where we stay in Gila Bend.








IMG_8187We drove by miles and miles of feed lots and dairy’s on Rt 84 which parallels I-8, west of Casa Grande.  It would be hard to estimate the number of cattle we saw, but could be in the 20,000 – 30,000 number.  Then we came upon this truck, what do you think it held?   Manure, by  product from all the cattle.



We also drove by some hay fields, look at GREEN hay, just wanted to stop and smell, but we were on the move.


In this special moment in life…Make time for yourself

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