Sunday, March 8, 2009

Work, Food and Sunsets, March 8, 2009

Time for some wood working today. The cabinet door in front of our sink is looking like it needs some refinishing. We hang our hand towel there also, so I expect the moisture from the towel doesn’t help either.

IMG_8025 You can see some of the areas that are lighter. So I took off the door, removed the handle, cleaned and sanded the front of the door. Then I sprayed on three coats of semi gloss Deft. You can see the towel blowing as it was windy that day, but a great drying day for the door.

IMG_8028 The door is now back up where it should be and looks great, now someday…I want to do all the doors. (Am I crazy or not)

IMG_8029 They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but this picture cannot tell you how these steaming HOT off the griddle tortillas smell or taste or can you feel their texture. Take my word for it—they are delicious!! Cost: $1.41/doz. (20 pesos). While we have been here we generally try to use pesos to pay for items as the lady selling these first said $2.00 (US) and then I asked her how many pesos and she told me 20. So we paid her in pesos. $1.41 v $2.00.

Below is a photo of wonderful homemade tamales. This lady sells them in the RV park by just walking around and asking people if they want some. The park only allows approved vendors to market their food and/or shrimp in the park. Earlier we bought some chili rellenos and tortillas from her. These scrumptious tamales were shredded beef. I also got a big hug from her.

IMG_8070 IMG_8066

It was cookie baking time. I was trying to use up some of our frozen food and these chocolate chip/dried cherries cookies have some persimmon pulp in them. I only had about 1/2 cup left and that was not enough to make persimmon cookies, so I just added them to these cookies, worked great. Bob said they are probably the best cookie I have ever made, but Bob has never met a cookie he did not like!

And now for some sunset photos… Enjoy

IMG_8032 IMG_8057IMG_8072 IMG_8058 We will be leaving here on Wednesday heading slowly up to the Phoenix area to get ready to leave for Europe on March 30th. But before we leave we are getting our coach washed and waxed on Tuesday for $1.50/foot plus $6.00 for the roof.

In this special moment in life…Believe in yourself.

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