Monday, March 2, 2009

Aqua de Jamaica & Hummers, March 2, 2009

While we shopping at the Super Ley a few days ago, I spotted these dried red flower heads.  I didn’t have a clue as to what they were and what you do with them.  When Bob looked at them and then the sign he knew they were hibiscus flowers that you make Hibiscus tea or Aqua de Jamaica (pronounced hə.ˈmaɪ.kə).


Here is Bob picking some of the dried flowers to make up some of the Jamaica.  The price in pesos is 129.90/kilo (2.2 lbs), which calculates to be about $4.15/lb, it takes a lot of dried flower heads to equal a pound.  We only purchased about 1/2 pound and have plenty of flowers to make several batches of the drink.

IMG_8005 Here Bob is getting ready to wash the dried flowers, 2 cups of flowers into 4 cups of water, simmer for 15 minutes, let cool, then strain the flowers out, then add 4 cups more of water.  Bob drinks it with no sweeter, but I like a little splenda in mine.

IMG_8008 It does make a very tasty and pretty drink.

We have entered a contest through Rick Steves to see if we can win a free trip.  Check out the link to our entry. Scroll down till you find the tour “Best of Europe in 21 Days”, you will see our name-then click there.  Joyce who is listed in the same area was also on our same tour.  She has a great entry also.

Check out the two photos of the Costa’s Hummingbird.  These beauties have been coming to our hummingbird feeder we have suction cupped to our front mirror.  He is just gorgeous!!

hummer2 hummerIn this special moment in life…trust enough to take

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