Monday, March 23, 2009

One week from today, March 23, 2009

We have been at the RV park in Apache Junction a week today and one week from today we leave for Europe.  We have reservations with SuperShuttle (your door to airport  van service) to pick us up at 9 am, our flight leaves at 12:30 pm. 

Last week we had a few hot days where we ran our AC in the afternoon, but yesterday a dry cold front came through and the high temps are forecast not to reach 70 degrees.

I have been tying up loose ends before we leave, the bank and credit card companies have been called alerting them what countries we will be in so they won’t think our credit cards are being used fraudulently when we use them in Europe.  I have been looking for another pair of shoes, but haven’t found what I am looking for, both in style and fit (I have very sensitive feet-the shoe has to fit when I first try it on or it is a no go).

In general we have been relaxing, doing some reading.  Bob makes the best strawberry margaritas, so for our Happy Hour we enjoy them, they are good!!

IMG_8230 I  needed a haircut, found a place close to here called Cost Cutters,  here is what it looks like.


I had Bob take photos of all sides so I can take those pictures along whenever I get it cut in the future.  It looks like my next haircut will be in Europe…so I am taking those photos along so I can show them what I want, sure won’t be able to tell them since I don’t speak their language.

We have also been reading up on Europe.  This week we will be tearing up these books, taking only the sections of where we will be going.  Then when you see the area we just throw the literature away.  When you pack everything into a carry on backpack, you try to minimize weight and space.


I am going to try to post while we are in Europe.  Bob is hoping to post to the website as well, time will tell.


In this special moment in life…Believe in yourself

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