Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last full week at CARE, Livingston, TX, July 23-29, 2012

Not so much rain this week, but the high humidity and temps have not let up.

We now have an ice maker that makes ice and have no leaks!!  The tech at West RV Service fixed the leaky outside line in no time, but the Splendide washer/dryer combo was a different story.  We do know the control board is not the problem and are scheduled to bring the coach back on the 31st, plug it in at their shop so they can continue with the diagnosis bright and early on Aug 1st.  When they find out what the problem is, we were told it could be one of fifteen different things, they will order parts and hopefully in a couple of days we will be on our way to the Rio Grande Valley.

On our day off (Wed.) steam coming out from under the hood interrupted our shopping trip in Livingston.


The 19 year old radiator hose sprung a leak.  Since we carry antifreeze from a prior unknown leak, Bob added it so we could limp two miles to the Walmart where we bought anti-freeze, clamps, bicycle tire patches and a set of tools.   Ever seen folks fixing their car in a Walmart parking lot, well that was us on Wed. 



On our way back to the coach, we stopped and ordered a new radiator hose for pickup on Thursday.  Now the Explorer sports a new radiator hose.


Bob is to blame for taking this photo of our neighbor and myself securing her coach’s water hose so she could take her driving test in her coach.


I rode with her to lend moral support and also to let her test drive the route I had taken 18 months ago myself.  She did great on our test drive, but was not able to take her test as her brake lights would not work.


Saturday late afternoon, a loaded (12) Care Center shuttle bus left to attend the Liberty Opry.  What a fun time!  We all stopped for dinner along the way and arrived  at the theater in plenty of time.



Here, the keyboardist, Calvin Gainey, is finishing up his ‘rafter shaking’ performance of “Great Balls of Fire”.


The evening was complete with the comedy routine of Booger Lee and Jerry.  Awesome show for only $12 each.


When the show was over, our bus was parked out front (the little one in front).  During intermission our driver went out and re-parked the bus for easy boarding for everyone.


As I write this entry, we have one more night of being “On Call” (Monday) and then we are done here.  Our replacement team arrived on Saturday. 

We have new luggage for our European trip (we leave Aug 14th from McAllen Airport), the Rick Steves’ rolling backpack.   These cases do seem smaller than the cases we have used before, so, we will see if what we want to bring fits.



Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You've certainly helped out CARE when it is so hard to get volunteers. You've done well and looks like you enjoyed it.

Nice patch job on the hose, you're certainly getting your monies worth out of the toad. 19 years on a hose, that has to be some kind of world record. You should have the hose bronzed. :c)

Elaine said...

CARE will surely miss you folks....kudos to you for all your hard work...I agree you need to bronze that hose...enjoy your upcoming trip

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