Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Full Week at CARE, Livingston, TX, July 3-8, 2012

All six of us volunteers, two separate singles, Ron and Anita, Mike and Lee, and us survived our first full week of the volunteer staff being just us. We are lucky as Anita was here last month, she has kept us all in line.  (Winter volunteer staff is 5-6 couples [10-12 folks]). Russ, the maintenance man helps out with Anita for her on call nights, which is every other night, with us taking the on call when she is off.  Ron is our full-time driver so he is busy every day. So far we have driven two residents to their respective appointments here in Livingston.   


Mike and Lee, who are parked in another section of the park, help out with what they can, in fact, they organized and cooked the noon and evening meal on the 4th with all of our help.  Lee made a fantastic potato salad and all the residents loved it. They are from Israel and I loved her To Do list. (I think I have it in the right direction)


IMG_1128Here is Bob enjoying his 4th of July noon meal, BBQ Beef sandwiches, homemade potato salad, watermelon, prepared and cleaned up by all the volunteers.



The Park’s annual 4th of July parade started in front of the CARE Center.


As with most of the United States, the temperatures here have been hot and the humid.  The A/C runs all day, but we do shut it off at night, as we don’t like to hear it run, but by morning the coach is warm and really stuffy.  We don’t want to open up the coach as the outside humidity is between 60-95%.

To try and solve our high humidity issue, I ordered a small dehumidifier, Eva-Dry 2200, should be here on Wednesday.  We will see if it helps keep the humidity in the coach down just a little, hopefully the A/C won’t have to run so much.  Will let you know how well it works.

Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Mid-Size Dehumidifier


Paul and Marti Dahl said...
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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Loved the picture of Bob in the top hat, he is quite a handsome devil.

My fingurs didn't speell twoo gud the furst try... :cO

GzrGldGeo said...

I hope you can stay cool. I think you will find the A/C is the best dehumidifier, but I wish you luck with the new dehumidifier. Looks like fun and quite a learning experience and good for the heart and soul.

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