Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another week at CARE, Livingston, TX - July 16-22, 2012

This past week has been a combination of rain and sunshine, oftentimes in the same day.  Getting our laundry dry can be a challenge.  Since our washer is on the blink (to be diagnosed tomorrow the 23rd) I did a washer full at the laundry at the park, then I hang the clothes to dry on our rack on the back of the coach.  Do you see the plastic shower curtain covering my almost dry laundry from a quick rain shower? It worked great and we had dry fresh sheets to sleep on.
Our frig is also sporting a new ice maker.  According to the RV forums Whirlpool makes a identical replacement available from Lowes.  It didn’t take Bob too long to put it in.  Now to get the heated water line from the solenoid up the back of the frig replaced, that also is on the list for the RV Service repair happening tomorrow.
My next items on the list was to replace the kitchen faucets.  They had been ordered and waiting for the appropriate time to do.  The job went much easier than Bob anticipated.  The hardest part was removing the shelf so he could reach the faucet connections.
The old faucet is out!
The new faucet is installed along with a drinking water faucet.  My new faucet is a Moen 7545 Camerist, stainless.  Its removable sprayer spigot has a little higher arc than the old one had, but not too high to interfere with the cabinet above.
Below are two other volunteers here at Care, Lee on the left and Anita on the right.  Lee and her husband are from Israel and we have had a great time getting to know then.  Anita is originally from England. In fact, not too far from where we will be this fall when visit Norwich, England.  My family originated from the Norwich area dating back to the 1400-1600’s. 
Every night around 6 pm we (us volunteers) gather and clean up the dining room.  Each table top and chair is sprayed and wiped down with a vinegar and water solution.  Then the floor is expertly vacuumed by Bob.
In going through ‘stuff’ at our house last spring, I came across the postcard size photo (below with a white border) of my great grandmother, Adaline Hamilton Crane (1851-1925).  This postcard was sent to our good friends, John and Judy, who own a photo lab in Grand Rapids, MI to see what they could do to enhance this photo.  The photo below is the result.  I love it!!
Looks like she had on her Sunday bonnet which looks to be crocheted.
Our time here at CARE is drawing to an end, just 10 more days.  We have met some amazing folks that stay here.  We came to help but they have given us way more than we have given them.  Such awesome spirits.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

So nice to see you've been enjoying your time at CARE and feel blessed.

BTW, Bob's pony tail is looking mighty fine! :c)

Travelwithwhippets said...

New faucet looks great! We had to replace ours before we left Mission in May, but Roger didn't do it. Way to go, Bob! I also love the old photograph! I'll be interested to hear about your time at CARE in person. We've thought about volunteering there sometime.

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