Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington DC, Day 8, Our day of rest, Oct 27, 2011

The plan for the day was to do nothing or not much.  With being a tourist for seven straight days, we were tired, plus it was forecast to rain all day.  It did drizzle most of the day.  So this morning I put a crockpot full of chili on the cook, nothing is better on a rainy fall day than chili.

We did start the car for the first time also in a week, and drove about three miles to do some grocery shopping.  We ended up with an eggplant and some chicken, so Bob made up one of his great dishes -- eggplant topped with chicken, then topped with a marinara sauce, cheese and Italian seasonings.  So now we will have some great food after more days of sightseeing.

I did get out my sewing machine to work on two projects.  One of my daypack straps was tearing slightly, so I stitched the seam deeper over the strap, worked great!  The next project was to attempt to hem Bob’s jeans again.


See the messy hem, the sewing machine’s tension was not correct.  I had sewn this probably three months ago, it looked horrible, so I put it away.   I was using some special heavy duty thread for jeans and the machine was not adjusted for the change in thread weight.  Bob helped remove the above stitching.  Then I adjusted the tension, and with more patience and more determination, I eventually got both legs done!!


Tomorrow’s plan more sightseeing, not sure what, but by tomorrow we will have it figured out.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

You can tell you are on a rally when you do not drive the car for a week:)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

After our AK trip we were so over the whole motorhome thing. AK is so far in the rear view mirror that it's appealing again...especially when I read your blog. Graduation for the class of 2028 (Dori's college grad year} is a LONG way away!

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