Sunday, October 23, 2011

Washington DC, Day 4, Oct 23, 2011

The Sunday bus schedule here at Cherry Hill RV Park is not the same as Monday-Saturday, so learning a new route today.


We got on at a different Metro station, then after a couple of transfers, get off at McPherson Square station. Nearby we saw an encampment of the protestors “Occupy DC”.


This setup was very near the Whitehouse.


The North side of The White House.


The South side.


Our stop at the Renwick Gallery really surprised us with some very cool displays. You could not photograph any item on the bottom level with treasures from the White House, a few items were still in use occasionally. But photos were okay on the second floor.


This was called “The Book of Nails”.


I loved this textile art piece.

The most popular sculpture was called “Game Fish”. It was made up from game parts and toys.



This is the Ford Theater. Yesterday afternoon we booked tickets to their current production of “Parade”. Actually front row seats just a few feet from Lincoln’s theater box.


You can see our Bob seated in this photo, several times during the 2 plus hour performance I looked up to where Lincoln had sat and also had been assassinated.


The view from my seat.


This was cool, but I just checked out the photos on the NPS link above about the Ford Theater and the entire interior was totally gutted in the 1960’s, so what we saw today was not what was there then-major bummer!


Pay by Phone Parking. What will they come up with next!


Chinatours said...

Interesting design

Jim and Sandie said...

I found the tour of Ford's theater really interesting. I worked in DC when the nutcase took the Washington Monument hostage with a van load of explosives. Certainly made a mess of rush hour.

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