Sunday, October 30, 2011

Washington DC, Day 11, Oct 30, 2011


This morning we were greeted with a heavy frost on top of the Explorer.  At first thought it was snow, but just frost.

Today was to be another museum day, but before that we wanted to watch the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon, they would be leaving Arlington, then run up and down the Mall.



We then found some outside art, pyramids made from glass, so what you are seeing is our reflection, our self portrait.







We then headed to the National Museum of Art, but, it didn't open until 11 am and it was just 10 am, so we continued to watch the Marathon runners for a  little longer.


Some interesting details I noticed. This is the Interior of Oude Kerk, Amsterdam by Emmanuel DeWitte, 1660-1665


Now here is a close up of an area at the bottom of one of the pillars.  Appears the dog is, well, relieving himself.


Christ Washing the Disciples’ Feet, 1520-1525 by Benvenuto Tisi, called Garofalo.  Notice the fellow on the left, orange tunic with white drape.  His body is facing the table, but his leg and foot are facing the other direction.


A Monet as only Monet can.  Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers, 1880


A Van Gogh called The Olive Orchard, done in 1889, a year before his death.



This one was one of my favorites, called  Four Seasons in One Head by Guiseppe Arcimboldo, painted in 1590.





Guilty, yes, I bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies from a mother and daughter walking through the RV Park.


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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

What did you enjoy more, the art...or the cookies? :c)

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