Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Thing and Stage Coach Stop, Dec 27, 2009

We ventured out today to see some local sights.  The first once is called “The Thing”, located at exit 322 on I-10 east of Benson. 129 We paid our $1 each and in we went.

Well, they had all sorts of “Things” beyond this door.   A mummy, old cars, covered wagon, wooden cigar indians, old guns, and all sorts of creatures made from roots and drift wood plus more.

 Below, this 1937 Rolls Royce was believed to have been used by Hitler, the THING is, it can’t be proved.


I found just the shirt for Bob in their gift shop.  You can see from Bob’s face, he was very excited to get his new T-shirt.

“If a man speaks in the desert where no woman can hear.  Is he still wrong?   

147 We then took some back roads to Dragoon and then some more back roads, even had to open and close a gate to keep cattle in, to an old stage coach stop-Butterfield Stage Coach Stop.

   Here I am in the stockade inside one of the two rooms.

716 In 1862 four Confederate solders were killed here by the Apaches.  Here are their graves. Check out this link, 3rd paragraph under History to read more about the soldiers’ death.

735Here was our sunset last night.


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