Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog catch up, Dec 1-4, 2009

We woke up to snow on Tue.  morning in Roswell,  looked out the window and saw a bird taking a bath in the snow melt, man what a constitution.

002 We were not getting any internet due to the fact the satellite dish  and receiver were covered in snow.  So Bob got up on top of the RV and cleaned off the snow.  He also pushed the snow off of our slide out toppers so when we left later in the day the snow would not prevent the slide from going in.

005 Before heading out towards Carlsbad, we stopped at Andersons Contemporary Art Gallery.  Here are a couple of displays we found.  The first is titled “Lucky the Immortal”.

013 138

Here are two sharks, one is made from  a golf bag and the small one from a vacuum cleaner.  Very inventive.



About 1 pm we left Roswell and headed towards Carlsbad NM to meet up with John and Judy.  Most of the snow had melted thus causing a problem in Carlsbad-flooded intersections.  We had no problem, but was strange to see all the water.  They did not have any storm water drains—don’t know why?

032 It was great to see our friends when we pulled into the RV Park, they had fixed a great dinner for us, great meal, great friends and lots of visiting.

The next morning we were off the Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

208 We walked down the natural entrance, here is John Judy and Bob heading down.  Boy was the wind blowing and was it cold.  We were anxious to get down into the cave, where it was warmer than outside.

045Here are a couple of photos from inside the caverns.055 244







On Thursday, the 3rd, we were heading out from Carlsbad back towards Alamogordo.  We wanted to take John and Judy to White Sands and this time we want to rent sleds and try to really sled down the dunes.

When we pulled out of the RV Park in Carlsbad we had left a giant footprint.  We also had a problem with the jacks, they were retracted but some sensor did not think they were, so  it was beeping on and off on our trip to Alamogordo anywhere from 3- 23 beeps.   It was cold so perhaps that was the issue.

074 There was a storm coming in so we were trying to get over the 7,000’ pass before the weather got too bad.   We had snow blowing over the road but no ice even though the temps got down to 21 degrees.

081 We arrived at the RV park between Tularosa and Alamogordo around 3 pm safe and sound.

328 The photo above is what we saw outside this morning.  It was 25 degrees but the snow had stopped.  We pretty much stayed inside in the morning.  In the afternoon, we had fun with John and Judy playing a game called Carcassonne.  We had both been in Carcassonne France last April, it was a stop on our canal boat trip.

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