Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From NM to AZ, Dec 10-22, 2009

I am going to make part of this blog entry easy, check out our friends (John and Judy) blog.  We are the RV they followed from Alamogordo NM to Columbus NM to Bisbee AZ, and then onto Benson AZ.  After being in Benson a few days they headed on up to Phoenix to fly to Portland for the holidays while we headed to Tucson.

We had planned on seeing Bob’s cousin, Steve and his wife Anna, but they had to fly back to Minnesota for a death in the family.  Steve sings in a all men’s choir called Sons of Orpheus, last year we had heard them sing – they were great, so we were planning on going to another concert this year.  Steve got us tickets and we went even though he was in Minnesota.  We enjoyed the concert again this year, but wish we would have seen Steve and Anna.  Maybe we will see them  later in our travels.  [We just got a phone call from Steve and we have been invited for Christmas Dinner-great!] 

We moved back to Benson and plan on staying here until the 29th. 

While we were in the Tucson area we did some sightseeing.  First was the San Xavier Mission, this year the scaffolding was down and the exterior was pristine.

014Then on to the Titan Missile Museum.  We took the hour tour, boy I can’t wait just a few more days, then I too can get a discount for being 62!!  We went down to level 3 on our tour, but if want a more extensive tour of all 8 levels, that tour takes 5 hours and $70.

030 Here is the Titan missile looking down from the glassed in cover.

035 Here is the command room where four personnel (could be male or female) manned this unit.  This was a great tour.

Then onto the Asarco Mineral Discovery Center.  Outside were some examples of the huge mining trucks-this one was made by Tirex in 1975.  Do you see Bob?


Here I am lounging in a tire.


On Monday we had plans to go shopping, Sam’s Club, Trader Joes, and Home Depot (for some coax cables for our new DVD/VCR player), but before we went I saw on a map at Fort Lowell Park, so off we went.  It was a great historical park – all free with very informative display boards.

495 Tuesday we drove to Benson in the wind, Bob said it was one of the most windy driving days he has had.  The wind was blowing directly towards our big broad side.  We heard later that further north on I10 near Casa Grande there was a 20 car pile up with fatalities due to the wind and blowing dust.  Condolences to the families involved.111 At one point we even were ran over by a train!!


Here is one of our Christmas Decorations.

This snowman is hard to see, but he is attached to our outside mirror, hanging on for dear life.  We have a reindeer on the other mirror.

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