Friday, February 25, 2011

To Hondo, Norcold Recall, and meeting new friends, Feb 24, 2011

On Wednesday we left Retama Village temporarily, we will be back in early March.  About six weeks ago we had made arrangements for Matthews RV Repair to perform our Norcold recall, so when we arrived at the Lone Star Corral Escapees Park in Hondo, where Murphy and Lisa of Matthews RV Repair lives, the recall kit was waiting for us.  Thursday afternoon the recall repair was performed.


This is the part they installed, a high temperature sensor.


While at the park, we also met some blog friends who are currently the managers at the Lone Star Corral RV Park.  Ron and Ali just arrived a week ago, so our timing to get to meet them was perfect.


They joined us for dinner, we had a great time getting to know them better. Even found out that Ali grew up just a few miles from where we lived near Sacramento.  We also had the same design on our travel (business) cards, had a good laugh on that one.

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