Friday, February 4, 2011

Record Lows here in League City (near Houston) Texas, Feb 1-4, 2010

Compared to the snow storms hitting the mid west and east, the cold temperatures here in League City, Texas are of little consequence, unless you are in League City, which we are.
It has been COLD.   Why are we still here, well, we are still waiting on a new tire.  Didn’t know it would be so difficult to get a new tire.  Everyday we are told it will be here tomorrow…tomorrow comes, and it isn’t and always with some believable excuse. 
Here are some statistics about the temps here for the last few days. 
High Low
1/31/11 73 (Record High 2002-78) 53 (Record 2000-30)
2/1/11 68-4 am 26-Record
2/2/11 35 23-Record
2/3/11 34 30-Record
2/4/11 30-10:30 am 28-Record

What can I say, it has been cold.  Ice pellets were forecast for yesterday, and yes, we did see a few fall for about 10 minutes, very tiny round pellets.   We are keeping warm in the RV, only put out one living room slide and by using our quartz heater and our Wave propane heater keeping the inside temps 68-70.  The door between the living room/kitchen and the bathroom/bedroom space is kept closed keeping the area we need to heat smaller. One thing for certain, I sure do enjoy that electric blanket at night!
On these cold days have also found if we use the convection oven it helps heat our living area.
IMG_6154  So one day, Bob made some boneless spare ribs – took three hours to bake.   They were very good!!
Yesterday I baked two batches of cookies, one to send for a birthday present and one for us. 
Keep warm, y’all! <—interesting link

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