Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold day in Palacios, Feb 10, 2011

IMG_5942It was another record breaking low last night, 24 degrees and 55 inside the coach.

Yesterday we had high winds with gusts up to 45 mph and rain in the morning. The outside temperature all day was in the mid 30’s, not a nice day.


This morning I made some labels for our CD/DVD player. Where it sits it is really difficult for us to read what the buttons do, so I labeled the important once, like on/off, play and open/close. No more getting the flashlight out to read the dark blue on black original labels.


This turning basin (as they call it) is very close to our RV park, it appears that a good number of the shrimp boats are still here. Must not be shrimp season.


This area of Texas has seen the ravage of several hurricanes. This historic pavilion was one of its victims, notice the skeleton in the background. “In 1904 a pavilion was constructed on a T-head pier over the water at the south end of town, next to the hotel. The pavilion had bathhouses and was used for swimming, dancing, fishing, picnicking, skating, dominoes, and other entertainment.” For more history about this historic pavilion, check out the link above.


Below see our snug space here at the Bay Side RV Park.


Tomorrow we are driving about 125 miles to Mathis, spend the night, then head down another 150 miles to Mission Tx. The forecast for Mission on Sat is 70 degrees, sounds wonderful!



Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

WOW...the cold is so far south!!!!!!

Don said...

For some reason I always figure you folks in the big Class A's are warmer than me in my trailer. Hmmm, guess I'm wrong because that is about what I would expect in our trailer. Thanks for straightening me out.

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