Monday, January 30, 2012

Second week in Q, Jan 16-23, 2012


On Tuesday (17th) we moved the coach from LaPosa North to LaPosa South to park with a new group of soon to be friends, the Monaco owners group.


What a feast we all contributed to, so many delicious dishes.  Rv’s just kept coming, do believe the total count was 23 at one time.


We also went back and visited our ole friends from the RV America group.  We had by accident threw away Bob’s Quartzsite Trailer Trash hat, so we bought a white hat for a dollar, then added the words on paper and scotch taped them the front.  Looks pretty authentic I would say.  Above Bob is sporting his new hat with Mark.


I was also given a Quartzsite Diva visor as being part of the RV America group.





We waited this year to attend the Big Tent until day three, and it was still wall to wall people!  In fact we did go back several times throughout the week, and it was always busy.


Another evening in Q!


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Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Bob's WT hat is better!

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