Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finishing up 2011, Dec 25-31, 2011

Our Christmas Day was quiet, finally figuring out how to keep the refrigerator running. Just turn it off when the outside temps get to 28 degrees, any lower and it shuts down by itself and blows another 5 amp fuse…and we are running out of those fuses.

On Monday, we ended up heading across the border to the Pink Store in Palomas. Some friends of one of Bob’s blog readers lives part time in Columbus, NM. Through emails we set a lunch date with Lew and Helen. Great lunch and great conversation.


Success, the package was at the Post Office on Tuesday morning. Back at the Coach, we soon ready to leave and drive to Gold Canyon, AZ.

Our scenery varied from nothingness to beautiful canyons.



I love my new throw for the coach of three of my grandkids. They are now with us when we travel. Thanks Jenny!


We weren’t in Gold Canyon very long until Bob called the Mobile RV Tech to talk to him about our Norcold not working in the cold. I hate to say it, but it was as I predicted, unless it gets cold enough for the control board to fail and can be tested at that time, there is no way to prove something is wrong. And the forecast is for wonderful weather, lows in the 40’s for the next two weeks. The tech did say he would stop by in a few days, and he actually did. Still don’t have a definitive answer, but he said in all likelihood, it is the Power Control Board and he suggests only putting in Dinosaur boards. So we have one on order to arrive on the 5th for Bob to install at some point.


Our good friends, John and Judy +Mollie, were on their way east and stopped for the night right next to us. We had a wonderful visit getting caught up on happenings over the last six months.


We enjoyed our margaritas for New Year’s Eve and were in bed shortly after the red ball fell in NYC.


In this special moment in time…enjoy each other…laugh more

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Elaine and Rick said...

wondering about your fridge...we have a cottage back home..and the fridge in there won't work if it gets too cold..the minute we light the fire in the stove and warm the place up the fridge starts to work...strange ! wonder if you are having the same problem...good luck with the repairs

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