Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Norcold surprise, Dec 21, 2011

The first words I heard this morning were, “the frig isn’t working again!” Deep breath, now what. The first recall module had just been replaced two days ago back in Hondo, Tx. Soon Bob ventured outside in the 30 degree temps to remove the frig cover to see if the module displayed the red light of death…to his surprise it did not. So that meant there was hope in getting it to work again. His first method of evaluation is shown below.


Then came out the continuity tester (it is yellow). From what he could tell, the frig was getting power, so now what.


A few days ago when we had the safety recall module replaced, the owner, Murphy, of Matthews RV Repair, told Bob if you have any problems, just call, so that is what Bob is doing. Murphy had him check a few more continuity issues, all checked out good, so the next step would be remove the control board cover and check the two fuses in there.


Much easier said than done. The control board cover is about 7” x 5”, It has a white label, under the yellow paper tap and to the right of the top electrical outlet. It is also held in place with three hex screws. At first Bob tried to maneuver his tools past all the parts in front, no direct angle, so he was about to call it quits, when he got his second (tornado like) wind. He started to loosen up the screws holding the front parts in place that were in the way, they moved sideways enough for him to slowly remove the three hex screws securing the control board cover.


Soon the black cover came off revealing the brains of the frig.


He spied the 5 amp fuse, the large type of fuse, used by the Class C we had owned previously. The best part is, we had transferred the box of spare fuses to the coach six years ago, and we had the correct fuse and the fuse worked!!! The refrigerator works!!! (The coach takes a similar but smaller fuse-like the one we replaced a few days ago for our front shade.)


One more call back to Murphy telling him the great news. With his help over the phone, Bob had fixed the frig for the price of a 5 amp fuse.


We left all the parts as they were, will reassemble them after a few days of letting the frig run, making sure it doesn’t blow that fuse again.


In this special moment in life…trust others

P.S. For those who want the full unabridged version, check out Bob's blog at, today's journal.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good job Bob, now relax and let that fridge run long enough to cool and then reward yourself with an ice cold beer don't forget to put the mug in the freezer.I love it when the plan flies. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Good Bob, very good Bob. Before long, we'll be able to call him Mr. Norcold with all the experience he's gained working on your fridge.

We'll have to get him a shirt with a big "N" on it! ;c)

Travelwithwhippets said...

I just finished reading Bob's and your blogs and I am SO IMPRESSED! I want to be parked next to Bob if we ever have an issue! We've been lucky so far, but I know our time will come and we'll probably be helpless. -- Dianne

Kevin Read said...

Glad it turned out to be a simple fix, but the question that comes to mind is...why did the fuse blow in the first place...?

Kathy said...

Good thing Bob is so mechanically inclined!
He is just undaunted!

We really feel for you and the frig woes!

But I warned my hubby,"there would have to be a fire before he needed to open the throne room door with me on the throne!" ROFL

Stay warm with these VERY chilly temps!

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