Sunday, December 11, 2011

Already a week here in Livingston, TX, Dec 5-10, 2011

Since we are where our mail is delivered, I was picking up the items I had ordered, some of the items for us and some were for Christmas gifts.  I was a happy girl.  I do miss getting our mail every day.


Also was busy getting our Christmas box ready to ship to California for the kids and grandkids.


We both have gotten our eyes examined, ordered new glasses, I went for a well woman check, had some blood work done.   I was  even able to schedule a mammogram for next Tuesday.  In California, you had to schedule months in advance for one, here I called and have an appointment in one week.  Got to love small town America.

The morning I went for my blood work, before eating, and the windshield had a thick layer of frost on it, couldn’t find our ice scraper (maybe we threw it away), so Bob is resorting to use a credit card, worked well.


While we have been here at the SKP Rainbow’s End RV Park, we have taken the park tour again, got to see our very own mail folder, and yes, that is all it is, a pendaflex folder among thousands of others.  We also toured the Care Center here.  It is a facility for RVers who still live in their RV, but need just a little more help like meals, laundry and some cleaning.  Check out the link above.  We are planning on volunteering here next July, before we leave for Europe mid Aug.

We stopped at the Bargain Table at the park’s activity center and I found another dish drainer just like the one I have.  Although mine has seen better days.  This one is a little sun discolored on the top edge, but otherwise in perfect condition.  I bought mine over five years at Camping World, but have not been able to find a replacement one since.  So I was a Happy Camper.


While we were at Betty’s RV in Abbeville, LA we met Kelli and George.  They were also coming to Livingston to take their Class B license tests.  Here we are celebrating their successfully passing both the written and driving tests.  We can so relate as one year ago we were in their shoes.


I have a nickname for my Christmas Cactus, which is now a year old (started from a few cuttings from my Mom’s plant that my daughter now has).  I call it my Touchdown Jesus Cactus.  See the similarities between it and the photo beside it.  This structure was actually nicknamed “Touchdown Jesus” check out the link.










See below my clothes drying rack we designed and built.  Even if there were two trees you could tie a clothes line too, most if not all RV parks don’t allow you to so.  So we have seen versions of this rack occasionally on RV’s and I wanted one.  Ours is designed for easy install and take down and it fits fully assembled in our basement storage bay.  Bob is planning on doing a detailed post on how he build this rack in a few days.  When he does, I’ll post a link to it.   I love it!!


Tonight we enjoyed the Christmas Parade while sitting on the Court House steps. Lots of floats, enthusiastic band, fire trucks, and horses.



In this special moment in time…try something new


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Were there tears of joy when you met your mail folder? I'd expect them after looking at how happy you were with all your mail packages! ;c)

Travelwithwhippets said...

I have a dish drainer just like yours (probably bought it after reading Bob's blog). After faithfully drying our dishes for the past three years, one side is broken and won't stand up. I've been looking for a new one, too! P.S. Our lawns, flowers and trees here at Retama finally got a good soaking (over 3 inches) and it's still drizzling today!

Elaine said...

quite the mail 'smile' glad to hear your mail is following the clothes dryer will be watching for the engineered plans :) enjoy your week

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