Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Visiting family, rain and Q, March 7-9, 2010

On Sunday afternoon we had made plans to visit my niece and her family.  Here are Joellen and Mike’s  sons, Matt and Sam, enjoying their delicious enchilada dinner. 140 Those enchiladas were made by Mike and as Bob put it, they were “restaurant quality”! 

We as always enjoyed our time visiting and also getting to know their two new dogs, Spencer (pug-about 1 yr) and Jack (dane and lab mix – 10 months), so when I tell you we were enthusiastically greeted when we arrived, you know what I mean.

Bob fell in love with Jack as our last dog was a lab and Jack’s lab side stole his heart.

134  As you can see here his dane side dominating his size, after all he is only 10 months with plenty of growing time in his future.001 Spencer also made sure he got his share of loving, I just love his curly tail, it will go another whole curl when he is excited and happy.


Mike also showed us some of his other pets.  Here is his Chuckwalla.

145 Here we are, Joellen, yours truly, and Mike.


I can’t neglect Jo’s other pets, Madison, the cat (grey tiger and white) is sleeping on the mat, then the two black dogs-Spencer and Jack, and then Sebastian, now he is a big lovable dog!


Another great visit, thanks Jo!!

The next morning the area behind our RV could more be described as Lake Indian Skies. 

006 You can see here our new water filter system, we found all the parts at Lowe’s.  No it is not suppose to double as a sump pump, at this park their fresh water valve was in a submerged container and with all the rain, well, it is really submerged!

007  We left Coolidge and headed west with plans to stay in Quartzsite (Q), here is a view along our way-showing a green desert.  The brown has greened up with all the rain.


This was also a sight we saw, wouldn’t want to be them.  In case you can’t make out the details, it’s a red truck with a cap pulling a short trailer, both are on their side still hitched up.

156 We had noticed so many RV’s on the road, we we decided to count them, so from Gila Bend to Q, perhaps 130 miles, we met or were passed by 155 RVers (A, C, B and 5ers).

Thought we would try out another boondocking area this time in Q, we are parked just off East Dome Rock Road south of I-10, since we are very close to I-10, thought the traffic truck noise would keep me awake, but thankfully it did not.

Do you think this fellow might have a wood burner inside his 5th wheel?  He is saving on propane.


Good night from Q


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