Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two weeks in photos, Mar 15-25, 2010

Here is our RV site at Black Rock Canyon campground in Joshua Tree Nat’l Park.


Took a hike to this beautiful lake behind Barker Dam in Joshua Tree NP,  spectacular.

072The Joshua Trees where just staring to bloom, these blooms are about the size of a pineapple or larger. 

415 We had not planning on visiting the Cholla Gardens, but…do to going the wrong direction within the park, ended up there…we were very impressed by how many chollas were growing.  Glad we did go after getting there.

088 Time to leave the desert and head into the green velvet hills of Tehachapi.  It has been years since we saw so many green hills—quite a contrast from Joshua Tree NP.

019  Between Bakersfield and Fresno on 99 the entire median was filled with wildflowers!!


The last few days we have been enjoying Columbia State Historical Park, near Sonora.    This was taken on a trail we took looking for a couple of geocaches.



Yesterday, Mar 24th, we were enumerated for the 2010 Census while in space 69 at the Marble Quarry RV Park in Columbia, CA.  Boy will that confuse our grandkids when they try and find us on the 2010 Census—why are we not in Carmichael, CA?




We were on another adventure to find another geocache and this was lunch time, along the road overlooking a huge ravine. 

158 160 In the photo below, there is a geocache hidden near an abandoned gold mine, would you believe…we did NOT find it!!  Believe me, we tried!!  But we did have lots of fun exploring the area.

167 Lunch today was at Columbia Kates Teahouse.  Scones, lemon curd, quiche, lemon square and bread pudding!!   Wonderful!!

235  We walked back to the coach and found we had visitors who were just leaving.


Next week we will be at our house watching Justin and Zach during spring break, probably will not have any internet service unless we can park the coach at just the right place in the court, time will tell. 

Happy Easter to everyone!!

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