Saturday, June 23, 2012

Van Buren, Arkansas, June 22-23, 2012


Today we added a new state to us while traveling in the RV.  It wasn’t too long after we arrived at the RV park that Bob was securing the State of Arkansas to our US map.


Finding the RV park today was a visual challenge.  The GPS said to turn left but we saw no other signage…until I noticed the sign with our side broken out, but being able to read the letters backward for the folks coming the other direction, we turned left and there was the park. Overland RV Park, a little weathered but with full hookups, 50 Amp for $29/night.


Our visit on Saturday to Fort Smith was highlighted with a ranger program with live re-enactors firing a 12 pound canon.


The ranger described what each person’s job was when they worked as a team to fire the canon.  Very well done demonstration.


This is the trap door of the six man gallows at Fort Smith of the Western District of Arkansas over which Judge Isaac Parker presided.  He sentenced 160 people (4 women) to hang, only 79 men were hanged.




This was in the mid 1890’s.  Times have not changed, offenders are still being able to escape of legal technicalities.


Bob in the original prison, with mats and blankets on the floor.



Tomorrow heading to North Little Rock, AR.


cathie said...

Saw you were going to north Little Rock. We stayed here one night.

It is right on the river. Very convenient to sight seeing. It is more of a parking lot, no trees, but cor the price and location was with it.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Very room prison. Almost looked comfortable compared with cells.

Bob was looking a little too happy in there...

Debbie said...

We are in North Little Rock too. Unfortunately, only for the weekend. I have to go back to work tomorrow morning. Bob's blog was one of the first I started reading many years ago -- one of the many that I read now to get me through the last couple of years before we can hit the road. I don't know where you are staying (my guess is Riverfront) but you might want to look into Maumelle COE park in Little Rock or Willow Springs COE in North Little Rock, where we are. Much nicer than the parking lot feel of Riverside although each a little farther out for sightseeing.

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