Sunday, April 29, 2012

We are one day closer, April 29, 2012

It has been a month since I last posted…we have been so busy each day and at least two weekends checking off the jobs we had to do that time has just flown.
Both bathrooms needed to have the floors tiled and one needed a new shower.

We had contracted with an outside company, James Estate Services, to do the estate sale, below they are working on our garage.
During the sale the garage was lined with two more rows of tables full of guy goodies.  Each room of the house was lined with tables too.  This is the morning after the three day sale. 
IMG_4125 (2)
After the sale ended, our estate sale folks offered the opportunity of a buy-out of the rest of the stuff in the house.  Two young guys came in with an acceptable offer, so they took almost 99% of the remaining unsold items.  So then we sorted the remaining 1% into two areas, trash or donate.
Sacramento County provided free of charge a once a year trash pickup of 8 cu yards.  Our trash pile was 24 cu yards so we were charged $50 extra dollars, what a deal.  The photo below shows only about 1/3 of our original pile.
The county annual pickup includes TV’s too, and we had one small one for pickup.  So this huge truck come with a crane on top and loaded our TV.  Good to see our tax dollars at work!
As I am writing this we are now two weeks after the sale, the house is empty, house cleaned and carpets cleaned.  All jobs except three are done and those will be done by mid week.  The jobs remaining are to replace the oven timer (had to order one in), paint the roof vent, and make sure the repaired sink leak is fixed.
Best of all the house is listed. 
Below are some grandkid photos.
Zach participating in a track meet.

Abby after a Softball two day tournament, their team came in 3rd.
Lindsey’s 14th birthday, with Abby who decorated her birthday king sized cookie.
Justin, Abby and Lindsey, all giving grandma their best smiles!!
This is a photo of us with of our son, Rich.  He is 6’, so he was bending his knees quite a bit so we will all fit in this photo.
These flowers are from our stick and brick house.


Mark Didelot said...


I am glad you finally got all that stuff done! Now for some traveling!!!

Mark and Sue

Travelwithwhippets said...

Thanks for the update! We've been thinking of you and knowing how busy and tired you must be!

Dianne and Roger

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Don't know which pictures I liked better, the grandkids or the empty house.

Congrats on getting the house listed. We sure do know just how "easy" it is. ;c)

Hope you can get back on the road soon, you need to relax!

Happytrails said...

Wow! That was a huge job! Having an estate company come in and do the selling is a great idea. Wish we had done that!!
Those grandchildren have really grown up!! What a beautiful family!!

Elaine said...

now that big job is behind you...great idea to have an estate co do it for you...gorgeous grands....and beautiful family pics...

It's all I want to do RV Travels said...

Wow....are you for hire...have a house in Louisiana needs you...great it is my turn to do the same...hope to see you in Mission next Jan. Craig and Marie

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