Monday, February 6, 2012

Our week at Imperial Dam LTVA, Jan 29-Feb 5, 2012


Imperial Dam LTVA is similar to Quartzsite LTVA, both are on BLM land, RVers have no hookups, and you can park anywhere you want. One difference is the Imperial Dam area has canyons, gullies and flat areas between the gullies and canyons and Q is mainly flat.

Below is our view out the windshield.



I love feeding the birds, so I have three different type of feeders, for hummingbirds, finches, and for seed eaters.


I almost forgot my other hummingbird feeder that attaches to our front mirror, I ended up buying a replacement while in Q for this one when my old one fell off and broke on a breezy day. I also mix up my own hummingbird food, 1 cup water (boiling-dissolves sugar faster) and 1/4 cup Sugar. Mix together and then cool. Fill feeders and enjoy the hummers.

This year at Imperial Dam we found their drinking water dispenser. The water here and in Q, let’s just say has some extra minerals added naturally, and doesn’t taste the best, so we have been buying drinking water at .25 per gallon.


They also have a Post Office there also. I asked how you received your mail here and she said that you just need to register and then use a special address, not General Delivery, like you use at other post offices. I’m thinking this is not an official post office, but someone doing a service. In fact, the address is for the Christian Service Center, in Winterhaven, CA. You can also get propane in this same general area.


One day we took a short drive to Date Gardens. Of course had our date shakes and bought some dates. Even have some to mail to someone having a birthday on Saturday, I am thinking they will arrive late, sorry.



These beautiful cactus were in the Date Garden’s parking lot.



My favorite is the ocotillo which was in bloom.


The photo below shows the gully or deep ravine beside our coach. Something you would not see in Q.


Leonard and Val, who we met in Q had also moved to Imperial Dam, so we caught up with them again, this time at our homeplace. We enjoyed a great afternoon visiting with them.


We have found that hummers like to drink quite a bit just before sunset, this one was no different.


I am thankful I am feeling better today (the 6th), I was not doing well for about 24 hours a couple of days ago. Some intestinal deal.

This morning (Monday 6th), this hummer can for a few visits, believe it is a Costa. In the photo the head color looks a deep red, but it was a purple color. Even as Bob was backing out the coach to leave, these sweeties were still trying to find that feeder that was just here! Tugged at my heartstring!


This is Castle Dome Peak (3788 feet), taken on our drive from Imperial Dam LTVA back to Q where we are staying a couple of nights in the Scaddon Wash 14 Day free area.


In this special moment in Life…Spread joy


Elaine said...

what a great week at Imperial Dam..excellent pictures...I also do the sugar & boiling water humming bird syrup and add red food coloring to it...glad your feeling better...!! Be safe out there

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

No fun being under the weather, glad you are up and around.

At least you had the hummers to keep you company. :c)

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