Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Close Encounter, July 24, 2011

With a 90 miles drive today to Fayette State Park, knowing we didn’t want to get there too early, we left Clementz Northcountry Campground, Newberry, just before their check out time of noon.  

When we arrived at the state park turn, a prior sign had said the campground was three miles further, so we did not turn, we continued down the road, seeing no more campground signs,  we had to find a way to turn all of US around.  Solution, turn off on a side road, unhook, back the coach up onto the main road and head back to the state park sign. 


Check-in went smoothly, then drive back to the campground with good directions. 

Our reserved site was a long pull through site, I drove the Explorer in front of Bob, pulled through the site, thinking there are a lot of trees close to the pull-through drive, this site will take some wiggling to get in.  So I parked at the end of the long site, got out to help Bob maneuver the coach in and I heard that fateful sound, of tree crunching.  One of the close trees angled towards the site and caught the bedroom slide topper cover.  Bob was able to back out, drive around and back into the site from the other end.  Just too many close trees.  One of our neighbors told us yesterday a fifth wheel took over an hour to get out of the site, even had the rangers helping him.  I have a good suggestion, cut down at least two trees would help.


See the angled tree, that is the one we had a close encounter with, notice the lighter color about 12’ up. [Sorry Roger, it was not of the Third Kind.]


The point of contact, glad it all still works though.


After we got parked Bob asked an excellent question, are we in the right site (as the sites are not numbered so you can see the number from the road), I said I think so, so he dashes out to make the confirmation.  By the way the site number is #30.

With a 1/2 mile hike from the campground, we are at the historical town site of Fayette.  All the buildings are open with displays, we looked around some, but will be back tomorrow for a town tour and more exploring.


Remember all those trees, well that means no internet or TV, but that’s okay, time to go through all the tourist literature we have picked up along the way.


IMG_9195Black Fly (Buffalo Gnat) bites aka red spot update:  bitten 7/21, this is day three, still swollen and itchy. Had to get up in the night and apply some Anti-Itch cream.  Here I am using alcohol to clean off the Anti-Itch cream to apply some cortisone cream.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I know most people really like parking in the trees and forests especially in the summer for the shade. But I so prefer the desert and wide open, no tree spaces. If we have an option of trees or no trees, I always vote for the no trees. Hope your bites quit itching. I've got a couple of mosquito bites from this last week-end and they keep me up at night scratching. I use Benedryl gel on them which helps a little bit.

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