Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is 108 here in Salem, OR – July 29, 2009

This area is having  really high temps, breaking records – they say this is the last hot hot day- time will tell.  Lindsey’s practice game was at 1 pm today and there was lots of wonderful shade for the spectators.  Even though her team lost, the best part was that Lindsey got to pitch.  Here is a photo of her pitching.  She did a super job!036Here is Lindsey just after she warmed up with her Dad (also a coach) for pitching.

029 Abby is the official Bat Girl for the team.

041 Here is the whole Fenton family.  Left to right—Jenny, Lindsey, Justin, Ed and Abby in the lower middle.043We have been watching Justin in the afternoon and evenings so Jen can get a break.

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