Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mike’s 3 hour tour and time to pay up, March 31, 2011

Mike Rhodes the owner of this entire project gives weekly tours, and today was our day to go.


Here Mike is giving us an orientation of where we are in the big scheme of it all.


There were times during the three hour tour we bush wacked. Don’t worry about the hairy creature on the right side of the photo, it is not big foot it is big Bob, he is letting his hair grow!


Part of Mike’s property touches the Rio Grande, yes, the other side of the river is Mexico. His tour was very informative, the three hours just flew by.


We were to meet at 2 pm with Jennifer and Arnold to do a final Walk Through. Even had to ask the fellow who was pressure washing to wait until we finished.


Almost all of our list had been completed, so the decision was made to go ahead and close with the remaining items to be completed in three days.

Remaining items:

1. house numbers

2. spray insulating foam around door jam

3. counter sink, fill and paint screw hole in door jam

4. touch up paint where door was closed before paint dried – white and sand colors

5. leave some touch up paint for door and trim

6. mulch around trees in back


See those smiles, we are now land owners in Texas and Jennifer just completed the sale of another lot!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sink leak & a door handle & lantana, March 30, 2011


After smelling a not so good smell coming from our hall sink, I decided to find out why. We have had a slow leak for quite a while. Turned out just the rings were loose, so Bob tightened them all up, then let a fan dry out the cabinet.


We now have a door handle and dead bolt lock at the Coach House, one of the items on our checklist to be done before closing.


Our front flowerbed is planted. The middle two plants are yellow Lantana.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Directv HD Receiver and Sod, March 29, 2011


Today was going to be a busy day.  The Directv technician was to come and exchange our receivers so we can get HD.  Also the sod was being delivered and put down on our lot, so we split up duties, Bob took the Directv install and I the sod install.


Here is the sod truck zooming past our lot, he then goes near were we are currently parked, I called Bob and he took a photo of him.  He then heads back down to our lot, where I wave him down.


Soon three pallets of Bermuda grass sod was off loaded.


It wasn’t long before these fellows had put down the sod.










Our new palm tree and Bob with our Mexican Poinciana.

Also today our electric meter was installed. 


After all the sod was completed, it was time for a Walk Through with our sales agent Jennifer and project superintendent Arnold.   With lists in hand, we were ready to reconvene on Thursday for the closing, subject to the open items being completed.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Satsuma planted and cleaning up, March 28, 2011


My Satsuma mandarin orange tree is planted right between two drip lines, should be enough water.


Then it was back to the coach to clean up the outside bays, still cleaning up dust from Alaska.


Then the outside of the coach got washed off, actually Bob did all the rest after he took this photo, thanks!!


Bob is getting his petting opportunity from Chaplin with Bandido patiently waiting for his turn.  That’s Roger of the Travel with Whippets blog, our soon to be neighbor.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tree choices for Retama Village lot

We had originally chosen a Mesquite tree for our one allotted tree included in our lot purchase package. Our choice actually was an Mexican Olive, but since there is one next door, they don’t like to put two of the same tree on adjoining lots. Victor, Retama’s landscaper, knew we wanted a smaller tree, so he suggested a Mexican Poinciana. Here is what their web site says about this tree.

A real show stopper when in bloom, which occurs on and off throughout the year. Fragrant flowers attract a lot of attention. Birds enjoy this great little nesting site. Butterflies and hummers love appreciate the nectar. Plant more of these! Texas Native! Rio Grande Valley Native! Small Tree, 6’+.”

I found a couple of these trees in the park, they are blooming now.



I do believe our tree will eventually get to be over 6’ as these in the park are close to 15’. I think the 6’ is for dry areas, our area will be watered.

Victor also said they would plant another tree for us as we were wanting a Satsuma Mandarin Orange tree.


This variety is called a Miho Satsuma. This variety is freeze tolerant, that is good in light of the cold freezing (few days) which occurred here this past winter. Our hopes are for this tree to become established so when we are back here in a couple of years, we will have fruit.


I have been taking advantage of our temporary site’s coach house, using it as a clothesline drying space.


Our sunset last evening!

Lot update:

We are to close on our lot on Thursday, but there are a few remaining items to be done yet.

1. sod & landscaping (trees and plants)

2. electric meter (we also will need to select from over 15 companies with almost as many plans for our service – an overwhelming task)

3. door handle and lock

4. RV sewer lid edges currently cemented closed

Did find out they keep our window screens and give them to us at closing, less damage that way.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Irrigation system, March 25, 2011


With the ground being prepared and a dusting of better soil spread by hand, it is time to install this the drip tubing.  It is placed as shown below secured with 6” ground staples.



The flower beds they plant for us are so nice, here is a photo of Dianne’s, hopefully on Monday, our dirt side will be green when they put in the sod.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dirt leveling and Tail Light Party, March 24, 2011

Today a lot of dirt leveling was in order, first with a tractor, then human power.



The backyard.


I had read on the online Retama Village announcements FREE Grapefruit was to be had at the Pony Express Propane business not far from the park.  So we stopped and got a bag full, didn’t want to take too many at first, wanted to find out if they were good. 


IMG_6537They were good!!  These have been washed, but the outside staining doesn’t affect the flavor!



Since it would soon for most folks to leave Retama Village, a Tail Light party was in order.  A lasagna dinner followed by Karaoke.  Also a first for us, jello shots, also called Karaoke Courage.  If you want to know how to make them, just Google “Jello Shots” and you will be enlightened.


What can I say, the four of us did well with the newly discovered Jello Shots.





Then the Karaoke began, there is always safety in numbers!


Here the guys are doing their best with the YMCA song, see Bob and Roger in the back row. Almost all of the guys got the Y part, but the M, C, and A were iffy.


If it is blurry, it was moving!!  A good time was had by all.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Electric, front door and lunch with former neighbors, March 23, 2011


This is the deep trench they dug for the electric and cable if we choose to subscribe to it, the cable that is.  We will definitely need the electric.



Our door this morning…and our door this afternoon.  It will get a couple coats of paint, probably tomorrow.









Plans had been made to meet with a former neighbor from where we lived over 30 years ago, Barb and Leo, from Stow, Ohio.  They now winter in McAllen each winter and have a HR motorhome just like us.  A great time was had catching up on each of our lives.


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