Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is 108 here in Salem, OR – July 29, 2009

This area is having  really high temps, breaking records – they say this is the last hot hot day- time will tell.  Lindsey’s practice game was at 1 pm today and there was lots of wonderful shade for the spectators.  Even though her team lost, the best part was that Lindsey got to pitch.  Here is a photo of her pitching.  She did a super job!036Here is Lindsey just after she warmed up with her Dad (also a coach) for pitching.

029 Abby is the official Bat Girl for the team.

041 Here is the whole Fenton family.  Left to right—Jenny, Lindsey, Justin, Ed and Abby in the lower middle.043We have been watching Justin in the afternoon and evenings so Jen can get a break.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to the States, July 28, 2009

We flew back from London on July 15th, with stops in Cincinnati and Memphis before landing in sunny and hot Phoenix. 

Europe,09 4426My sister, Katherine, lives near Cincinnati, so she met me at the airport to visit during our two hour layover.  Was great to see her!

In Phoenix we were greeted by over 105 degrees in the coach,  we turned on the rear AC closing off the bedroom and slept well.  We only stayed two days in Phoenix as there is something wrong with our roof top front AC unit-the kicks the breaker after about 2 hours of running. Not good!!  We also ended up getting a new battery for the Explorer as it was dead.   A fellow RVer in the park had a battery charger with a starting setting to start it, then drove to Wal-Mart for a new one.

Our plan was to get to where it is cooler.  Our first night out was in Utah and then onto to Nampa Idaho.  We found a service center that we hoped could repair our AC unit and also the frig was not working too well on LPG.  We waited two days for an appointment and they said the pressure was low on the LPG  line so they adjusted that, but could not fix the AC as they had no one in the Boise Valley who could tap into a sealed system to recharge it, but we could replace it.  We said OK, but were called the next morning saying they could not find a unit and there were at least two weeks out before they could get one.  So off we go heading towards Baker City, OR, and it was cooler there, it was glorious!  Every afternoon a breeze would start blowing and cool us off.


While in Baker City, we visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center again, we had been there a couple of years ago and I love going there—in fact, I  love anything that deals with the Oregon Trail.   Outside the center they point out where the wagon trains traveled.  So cool.   You can see us lurking near the bushes and watching the oxen team go by.  (I am wearing a red shirt and taking a photo of the passing wagon.)


I want to post right now one photo from our trip.  Can you guess where it was taken? 

Europe,09 4258

Stonehenge, you are right.  We took a private early morning tour where we could hug the stones (and I did), SO COOL!!!

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